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Where is the city of Fasher?


Sudan is distinguished by its famous commodities, until it reached the degree of obtaining the title of Arab and African food basket, due to the fertility of its lands and its richness in minerals, and its wealth and resources, the most important of which is nature, cannot be calculated.

 The city of El Fasher

The city of El Fasher (the capital of North Darfur State) is located in the western side of Sudan, and is characterized as desert or semi-desert, and rises above the sea by about seven hundred meters, and is located about eight hundred and two kilometers from the capital Khartoum, and it is bordered by the city of Nyala from the northeastern side, And away from about one hundred and ninety-five kilometers.

It includes El Fasher in its terrain, low hills, and sand dunes known as Caizan, as well as rocky sandy hills and rain-fed valleys. Kilometers, the city enjoyed an important place, as it was a launch station for caravans in ancient times.

Over time, the city became a market for agricultural crops, due to its reliance on agriculture and agricultural products for its economy, and El Fasher lived through an armed conflict that erupted in 2003 in Darfur, and his causes were ethnic, tribal, and not religious, and this conflict caused a great human life in that period.

reason of calling

The name of the city is pronounced as part of the luminosity, i.e. the loser, and it is said that the meaning of the name is the Sultan’s Council, and this interpretation came through literary and lyrical works circulating in Sudan. In another version, the name of the city bears the name of the valley on which the city lies on its banks, and that means something luxurious.

the climate

The area is characterized by a desert or semi-desert climate, and according to the average weather in the city, the average maximum temperature in the city in Fahrenheit is 93 degrees, while the minimum is 61 degrees, and with regard to precipitation, the total precipitation falls 26 mm.

Economic life

The people of the city rely primarily on the professions of agriculture and herding of sheep for their daily livelihood; They tend to goats, sheep and cows, and cultivate cash and consumer crops such as mangoes, bananas, dates, rice, corn, cotton, and sesame.

 the landmarks of the city

The city embraces among its neighborhoods architectural landmarks, where the reign of Sultan Ali Dinar was a witness to the era of urban development. Urbanization received great attention in that era. Among the most prominent landmarks of the city: El Fasher Tower. Umm Dafsu Market. Qidd wells. Livestock market. The Grand Market, a market full of shops and shops, is the transportation hub that connects to the city. Sultan's Palace.

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